Below you will find some psychedelic art that has been taken from Winamp visualizations. I did not make any of these designs, I simply just snapped a screen shot, resized, and uploaded. I always thought these visualizations were amazing and wanted to share with others who have not seen them. Of course, they look MUCH better in motion with music, so if you haven’t already, download winamp, put on some good tunes, then check out some winamp visualizations.

If you would like to use these psychedelic images as an avatar, right click and save the images you see below to your computer, or simply link to them. All avatars are 180×120, most forums require 180 or less width. If you would prefer psychedelic wallpaper, click on the image to open a new tab of an enlarged image. They vary in size, most are 1600×1200. You can also check out the vertical avatars and wallpapers page to see the same images flipped 90