The origin of givememyleg: The name givememyleg started back in 2002 as a new aim screen name. While debating over random names that made little sense, somehow the words “give me my leg” popped into my head and that was that. That is why you find yourself at, all because of the randomness of my mind.

Creation of Basically this is a personal blog about anything I feel like talking about. Topics will include the universe, drugs, consciousness, poker, making money on the interwebs (serious business), random life posts, music, books I recommend reading, relationships, religion, spirituality, personal development and anything else I feel like rambling on about. Use my navigation above to find all about givememyleg, the sad amputee.

Purpose of If you wanted to sum up why I created this website it would be for motivation. I have a severe lack of it in many aspects of my life. By putting myself sort of out in the public domain, I can start to hold myself accountable. I like writing, learning, and sharing, but don’t do them enough. With, I will ramble on and on about what I find interesting in a attempt to increase my knowledge in various topics…. and actually get off my ass and do something with my life.

IRL givememyleg: I go by Carl Carlson, yes like the Simpson’s character only blacker. I’m very phlegmatic, which tends to make me lazy and avoid anything that slightly resembles hard work. I build websites and stuff for a living. Random – I’m a quarter of a century old damn near thirty, allergic to the cold, live in one of the coldest spots in the continental US, have tourettes syndrome, am in love with nature, find altered states of consciousness to be among one of the most amazing experiences in life and am happily married.

Contact givememyleg: You can contact me via e-mail below:

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    I’m also givememyleg on Skype.