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Cheapest Way to Buy Bulletproof Coffee Online

Aw, Bulletproof Coffee. If you’ve tried it, you probably love it. If you haven’t tried it, then god damn what are you waiting for??! But it can be quite costly. After some searching, this is the cheapest way I could find to purchase Bulletproof Coffee online, while still using the official coffee beans of Upgrade Self/Bulletproof Executive.

Note: Your prices may vary slightly depending on shipping costs. I live in Michigan in USA.

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee – 5 lb

  • Price: $79.00
  • Shipping: $12.95
  • Total: $91.95
  • Servings: 375
  • Price per Serving: $0.25

Kalona Organic Grassfed Unsalted Butter – 6 lbs

  • Price: $47.35
  • Shipping: $13.06
  • Total: $60.41
  • Servings: 96
  • Price per Serving: $0.63

Now Foods MCT 100% Oil – 32 Fluid Ounces (Amazon)

  • Price: $15.99
  • Shipping: $4.99
  • Total: $20.98
  • Servings: 32
  • Price per Serving: $0.66

Grand Total

Total Price: $173.34
Price Per Serving: $1.53

So you need to front $173.34 but will end up paying about $1.53 per cup. Keep in mind that 32 fl oz of MCT oil only gives you 32 servings, so you might want to purchase 2 or 3 of them at a time, as shown below, which will save you about 12 more cents per cup.

This assumes

  • You drink 1 serving of coffee each day.
  • You use approximately 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds per cup
  • You use approximately 2 tablespoons of butter per cup
  • You use approximately 2 tablespoons of MCT Oil per cup
  • You already own a glass blender. If not, this $30 one from Amazon is what I use, for both grinding the beans and mixing the coffee, and it works fine.


Bulletproof Coffee, 12 oz: $0.46 / serving
Bulletproof Coffee, 5 lbs: $0.25 / serving

Bulletproof MCT Oil, 32 fl oz: $1.24 / serving
Now Foods MCT Oil, 32 fl oz: $0.66 / serving

I have been unable to find anywhere else online that sells grass-fed, unsalted butter for a comparison.

Using my method above, if you were to drink 1 cup of BP Coffee each day, you would spend:

$1.53 / day
$46.54 / month
$558.45 / year

And that is the cheapest way I’ve found to drink Bulletproof Coffee.

How to Get it Even Cheaper

  • I live in a small town and can not purchase grass-fed, unsalted butter anywhere. Check your local co-op, whole foods, or farmers markets, and you may be able to purchase butter cheaper than $6 per pound. But make sure it’s grass-fed and not just labeled as organic!
  • Buy MCT Oil in bulk. You can purchase a multi-pack of 2 ($.058 / serving), or 4 ($.053 / serving). The other bulk options aren’t worth it.

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