Cheapest Way to Buy Bulletproof Coffee Online

Cheapest Way to Buy Bulletproof Coffee Online

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Aw, Bulletproof Coffee.

If you’ve tried it, you probably love it. If you haven’t tried it, then what are you waiting for??! But one of the complaints I often hear when recommending it is that it can be quite costly. However, I’m about to prove that you can purchase authentic Bulletproof coffee cheaper than $1.50 per day! I’ve included a few variations, some using official Bulletproof products, while others using similar products that cost less, while being just as effective, for as low as $0.61 (61 cents) per day!


$ 1.29

Per ServingIf you’re concerned about only purchasing Bulletproof brand products, along with grass fed butter, this is the cheapest combination you will find online.

Ghee Blend

$ 1.31

Per ServingThis blend uses the authentic Bulletproof Upgraded coffee,Viva Labs 100% MCT oil, along with the addition of grass fed ghee, all of which can be purchased online.

Least Expensive

$ 0.95

Per ServingThis blend doesn’t use official Bulletproof coffee, but instead uses a solid second choice which is delicious, healthy, and less expensive, mixed with coconut oil.

Local Butter

$ 0.61

Per ServingButter is much cheaper if you can purchase it locally. My local Walmart sells Kerry Gold for $2.99 per 8oz package. Blend this with the coffee and coconut oil purchased online.

* Note: Shipping charges may vary slightly depending on your location and order amount. I live in Michigan in USA. If you purchase multiple products at once, your overall price will be lower since you can combine shipping. Prices used assume you will be buying in bulk. If you want to lower your total cost you can purchase smaller amounts, but this will increase your cost per serving. Amazon Prime members receive free 2-day shipping on almost every order.

Become Bulletproof For Cheap!

So as you can see, Bulletproof Coffee doesn’t have to be expensive! It just takes the initial investment and you can drink it every day for just $1.29! That’s only $9.03 per week, $39.34 per month, or $470.85 per year. Or reduce this by over 50% by following one of the cheaper blends! The prices assume you drink 1 serving of coffee per day using approximately 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds, oil, and butter.

Choose Your Own Blend

You can of course mix and match any of the options as you wish. I’ve tried each of the above blends and my personal favorite is #4. I just love Kerry Gold, I wish it were available to purchase reliably online…. Most people are looking to purchase the official Bulletproof products, which is why I recommend that blend.

To make this easier, I list all of the products I recommend below, split into the three main ingredients – Coffee, Oil, and Butter.


For coffee, whole beans are always best. They last longer and taste better. This will require having a coffee grinder or a high powered blender (like a Blendtec) to ground the beans. I store the whole beans in the freezer, and keep a smaller ground amount in a container in the fridge. This will extend the life of the coffee for years, so buying in bulk won’t be an issue.

After trying multiple brands, and countless beans, I’ve narrowed my favorite beans down to two brands.

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee


The taste is incredible and beans are guaranteed to be mold and toxin free with the Bulletproof label. It’s a bit on the pricey side as far as coffee goes, but if you buy in bulk it’s not so bad. This is sold in 12oz ($2.16 per oz) or 5lb ($1.09 per oz) bags. Always buy whole beans as they last longer and taste better.

Purchase Upgraded Coffee
Kicking Horse Coffee


By far my favorite coffee, and I’ve tried a lot! The taste is dark, rich, and delicious. Kicking Horse is organic and fair trade, and the price is unbeatable. Just $0.77 per ounce, and even cheaper if you setup a subscribe and save delivery at $0.65 per ounce. I rave about this coffee to everyone, you won’t regret it!

Purchase Kicking Horse Coffee


Oil tends to have a long shelf life, so you most likely won’t have to worry about it going bad. To be on the safe side, I always refrigerate any open coconut oil. XCT and MCT oil tends to hold fine at room temperature, even after opened.

It isn’t Bulletproof without the rich oily fats that your brain loves! For the oil, I recommend going with one of these three products.

Bulletproof Bulletproof XCT Oil


Bulletproof re-branded MCT oil into their own product, XCT Oil. Honestly, comparing XCT oil to other MCT brands, you won’t find much of a difference. You will get the same healthy fats, 6x more concentrated than coconut oil, but the big selling point is the Bulletpoof label. You’re paying for superior oil, which is why they refer to it as XCT instead of MCT. It’s a more expensive option at $0.53 per serving, but if you’re looking to drink authentic Bulletproof Coffee, and don’t mind paying a bit more, this is your best option.

Purchase XCT Oil
Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil


There’s a lot of truth to the saying “less is more.” Pure, organic, virgin coconut oil is the natural way to get your fats. When you buy XCT or MCT oil, you’re paying extra for the concentrated, unflavored form. I, and many others, prefer less processing and the taste that comes with coconut oil. Mixing coconut oil with your butter and coffee adds an amazing flavor, and you still get the benefits of healthy fats. With over 2,500 reviews and a 4.8/5 rating on Amazon, along with a price tag of $0.25 per serving, it’s worth trying!

Purchase NW Coconut Oil
Viva Labs MCT Oil


Many companies have started selling MCT oil over the past few years since butter coffee has taken off. I’ve tried many brands, and Viva Labs is by far my favorite. Currently the #1 best seller for MCT oil, Viva Labs has praise from hundreds of customers on Amazon. You get the concentrated fats, at a fraction of the cost of XCT oil. They even mention how well it works for Bulletproof Coffee in the item’s description! At just $0.27 per serving, if you’re looking for MCT to add to your coffee, Viva Labs has what need.

Purchase VL MCT Oil


Who doesn’t love butter? The foundation Bulletproof coffee and the surest ingredient to get people to question your sanity. “You put butter in your coffee?!” I sure do, and here are three of my favorite options.

Just a note about buying butter in bulk. I’ve purchased many large butter orders, including 50 packages at once. Butter can be stored in the freezer and lasts for years this way. I would keep 2-3 packages in my fridge, and the rest in my freezer. Whenever I finishing a package from the fridge, I would grab another from the freezer. This process worked well and I never had to worry about spoilage.

Allgau Grass Fed German Unsalted Butter


It’s difficult to find perishable food like butter online. Often times it comes with a high shipping cost and many stores aren’t reliable. However, at Tropical Traditions, you can order worry free. They offer Allgau Grass Fed German Unsalted Butter, which is delicious and is the perfect match for Bulletproof coffee. I’ve placed many orders, and it’s always arrived at my door with no spoiling issues. The higher price comes due to the shipping costs, so the more you buy at once, the better deal you will receive. Purchasing 2 orders of the 3-pack, with shipping, it comes out to just $0.53 per serving. This is impossible to beat online, so if you want to purchase grass fed butter, this is your best bet!

Purchase Allgau Butter
Pure Indian Foods Grassfed Organic Ghee


Why ghee? Well, grassfed ghee is more expensive at $0.81 per serving, but comes with the benefit of not requiring refrigeration. Due to the process to make ghee, it will not spoil in higher temperatures. This means shipping isn’t as issue and you can stock up to bring it while traveling or on the go. If you don’t want to worry about perishable butter, and are willing to pay a bit more, ghee is the way to go. I always keep a few jars in my pantry in case travel plans arise for work. If you purchase the 6-pack, the cost per serving is $0.81, but is worth the convenience. If you’re unsure you will like it, I suggest buying one jar to try, but this will increase the cost per serving to about $1.

Purchase IF Organic Ghee
Kerry Gold Grass-fed Unsalted Butter


Lastly, my favorite butter of all time, Kerry Gold. Seriously, this butter is so good I use it in and on everything. It’s amazing in coffee, but always delicious to use for sauteing veges, or marinating your meat. Unfortunately, there are no reliable shops that sell Kerry Gold online to the United States. You may find various listings on Amazon or other stores, but they often run out of stock quickly and are very high priced. Your best bet is to find it locally. If a reliable seller pops up, I will certainly direct you to them.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any reliable online store to purchase Kerry Gold butter. Check your local grocery, co-op, or whole foods store. I’ve found it in a few places ranging in price from $3-$6 per package and I live in a relatively small town.

So, there you go!

After months of research trying multiple brands and products, that is what I’ve found. Next time someone tells you it’s too expensive to become Bulletproof, send them here so they can see for themselves how cheap it really is. Compare this to a standard Starbucks coffee, around $3 for a small, and you can see how inexpensive becoming Bulletproof really is. Become Bulletproof now!

Learn More About Bulletproof Coffee

If you’re new to the whole butter in your coffee sort of thing, you can learn more about butter coffee, including how to make it. The are many health benefits and making the change from standard coffee to butter coffee really can change your life.

And while you’re at it, why not pickup some grassfed beef? You can purchase it online and have it delivered right to your door!

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  • Catherine Hosey says:

    I’ve read that one needn’t even bother with the MCT oil. Organic extra virgin coconut oil is actually better for you and costs less.

  • Diane says:

    Thanks for doing the research for us! Very useful.

  • Carole says:

    Two things both responders forgot about is you have a guarantee with Daves coffee that it has no mold and Dave’s high-octane MCT oil is far superior than coconut oil and will keep you satisfied longer before needing food or another brain boost.

    My wish is that I could buy locally here in Seattle and a chain store such as Super Supplements so I didn’t have to order online particularly in the 16 ounce size oil as $45 is too much outlay for me.

    My question: Dave sells decaffeinated bulletproof coffee

  • givememyleg says:

    @Catherine Hosey – That’s what I use now and it has become my absolute favorite blend!

    @Diane – You’re welcome, happy to help!

    @Carole – yeah, Dave’s stuff is high quality so may be worth the extra price for some people. I’ve tried other brands though, and it still works for me, which is why I suggest cheaper alternatives. Yeah, Dave sells decaff coffee but by his own admission, decaff isn’t nearly as beneficial and should be avoided. I believe he said it on a podcast a while back, I’ll have to check. But could be useful if you have a sensitivity to caffeine.

  • Rafa says:

    What are those numbers?

    How much is a serving of coffee for you to say 2kg of coffee would ask for a year?

  • givememyleg says:

    @Rafa: I didn’t say it would last me one year, but that is what the price averages out per day/week/month/year when using 1 tablespoon of each per day. I have to refill my supply more than yearly.

  • John says:

    Thanks for the write up! I’ve never tried ghee, does it really taste okay as a substitute for butter?

  • givememyleg says:

    @John: Yes, it’s delicious! It makes a great blend, and the fact that it doesn’t spoil so you can take it when you travel is very convenient.

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