The Value in Pointlessness

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What’s the point? We say all too often. We’re constantly assessing the value in everything and determining if it’s worth our time. And with good reason. We need to hold certain events as a higher importance because our time and energy is finite. But by doing this we’re leaving out something very important, the pointless.

There is value in the pointless that often goes unseen. But what do I mean about the pointless? The best way I can describe it is by looking to a quote:

No amount of pointless days can make this go away.
– Porcupine Tree, A Smart Kid

Essentially what I get from that is pointless days are required to heal pain. Think of a sad time in your life such as losing a loved one. You don’t want to do anything. You take time off of work and school, and just sit around, mourn and think. Everything gets put on hold. According to your typical schedule, this may be considered pointless. But you need those days with no plans, obligations or every day tasks in order to recover.

I think there is value in pointless days even when everything is going well. Why only reserve the pointless when you’re having problems? It doesn’t have to be so often that it effects anything in your life, just take one day per month and label it pointless day. Do nothing related to your current schedule. This can help keep you sane. We need to feel alive, not like a robot doing the same task over and over. We need change, regardless of how scary it is. Just take a break at least once per month from EVERYTHING. Don’t even change out of your PJs.

Of course, pointlessness is generally relative. I happen to find the sport of curling incredibly pointless, but some people spend their entire lives becoming the best at it. So basically, the pointless can be classified as anything you don’t hold as a high value. That’s a lot of things.

Pointlessness can be very healing, even if you don’t feel like you’re in pain. Give your brain and body a rest. In the long run, it’s worth it.

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