Living Without Them (Death Without God)

By February 20, 2011 Atheism, Death, Religion No Comments

I was listening to The Thinking Atheist podcast this week, and the topic was Grief Without God. I found the subject matter fascinating being an atheist myself, especially since religion has a stranglehold on the death market. Make no mistake, death is scary, and I think it’s the unknowning aspect which turns us to religion during this time. It was a breath of fresh air hearing stories of dealing with tragedy without God.

One story in particular stood out, a lady who lost her 2 twin girls. I don’t want to risk repeating any details of her brave story incorrectly, and she tells it better, so I will just pass on her blog – I strongly recommend giving her blog a read and listening to how she battled through the struggle of overcoming such a tragedy. Very insightful.

I couldn’t agree more about how frustrating it is hearing “you’re in my prayers” or “they’re in a better place now” or any other empty gesture that is common to say in times such as these. I do understand why people say this, because it’s hard to think of something you can say. But that’s the thing, there is NOTHING that you can say. You just have to be there. One million prayers does not compare to one hug. During times like these I would prefer for someone to just be with me, hold me, laugh with me. Not pray for me.

If you are going through a hard time, you don’t need God. Just give this podcast a listen and hear some of the stories, it will be worth it!

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