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Faith in Everything

One argument from the religious is that a world without religion would be a world without faith. And without faith, we become weak. But I want to ask the alternative, can you imagine what the world would be like if we had faith in everything? I think it would be a very scary place to live.

First off, let’s define faith. Essentially, it’s a belief in something that can not be proven. Acceptance without sufficient evidence. The word faith can be applied to many different things, but in America it has a huge religious implication. When I hear faith the first thing I think of is religion and I’m sure it’s the same with many other people.

What good comes out of belief without evidence? The things I believe are grounded by logic and reason. There is nothing we can really know with absolute certainty, but we can be fairly certain about many things. I believe in gravity because everytime I let go of a ball it drops to the ground. There is a very good reason to believe in gravity.

If everything were based on faith, we would have no understanding of our world. Everything would be worded as “well let’s do this and hope it works!” or “I think this will be good!” It’s nonsensical and idiotic. We need reasons for everything. We need to know how and why things are the way they are. This is how we understand them. And once we understand, we can increase our knowledge and share it with the rest of the world. When we just embrace faith we are basically saying saying that we don’t care to know or understand, we just want to believe. This is dangerous.

Knowledge would be nonexistent in a faith based world. People would make many claims and there would be no way to back them up. It’s common knowledge today that water freezes at 32º F, but we only know this because we have tools which measure temperature. And we experimented with these tools to find this out. We didn’t just guess that this is the temperature at which water freezes, we learned it.

Faith is a conversation stopper. Faith allows you to avoid giving reasons for what you believe. And if you don’t have to list reasons and explanations, then there is no god damned point! I can tell you I believe in yellow fairies and pink unicorns, and you would probably ask why. If I told you I believe in them on faith, you would call me a loon. In all aspects of our life, other than religion, faith is stupid. Why do we let religion slide?

Living in a faith based world would be hell. Faith has no place in my life and I think the world would be far better off without it…. and I have faith in that!

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