Hypothesis of Life

I constantly like to experience migraines and possibly aneurysms thinking about what this is. We have a word in our language to describe it; Life. Life is here, well probably, but it seems pointless to think it’s not. But it’s easy to deduce that we exist because we’re existing. The struggle comes when I try to think of why we exist. Not “Why am I here?” in the sense of what my purpose is, but why anything exists. Perhaps “How come?” is a better question. How come anything is here and where did it come from?

This is going to get a little crazy. I can already see it coming. The deranged thoughts are flowing in, which will lead almost everyone to conclude I’m bonkers. That’s fine though, because it’s true, I am losing my mind.

Maybe we exist as a mere simulation being ran on an alien super computer.

This is plausible for many reasons. The universe is over 14 billion years old and is extremely vast. Although we don’t know the probability of life forming from natural events, based on the limited knowledge of ourselves, our planet, solar system and universe, we can probably deduce that it is quite common. It is possible, and perhaps even highly likely, that life formed and is billions upon billions of years more advanced than us. One would think that this large scale evolution would lead to intelligence far beyond anything we’re capable of. This species could invent and control things that would seem magical and impossible based on what we know of reality. These beings could create and control entire universes for experimentation. In fact, multiple universes could potentially fit in a space the size of an atom, if not smaller.

Of course, this is unprovable and scientifically has no basis on the conversation. There is no way to test this theory and may seem to some as insane. But more importantly than all of that, it still doesn’t answer the question of “How come?” because the beings that are more intelligent than us still require an explanation. Even if they formed by the same evolutionary terms we know of on our planet and life, it still leaves one wondering where they came from. This would continue on for infinity, an explanation would be required for every new answer.

Maybe something came from nothing.

Perhaps there was nothing. Maybe all matter did abruptly come from absolutely nothing. That would mean that the time before matter would never require an explanation because it didn’t exist. There was no time. An explanation of non-existence is impossible.

If there was a time when nothing existed, there would be no time, no energy and no matter. No thoughts, no reality. Not even blank space because “blank space” is a concept. When I say blank space, you form a picture in your mind of what blank space is. This concept is and always will be wrong because you have to have nothing and it is impossible to convey nothing. Thought and language are both something, so using something will never get you to nothing. It can point you in the right direction to nothing and lead you to discuss and debate about what this nothing is, but it can never be fully explained. The concept of nothingness or non-existence is something that is impossible for our brains to comprehend. Our brains require something to even think about the concept, which in itself, destroys the theory of nothing.

Of course, this begs the question of how nothing became something, which is what our logical minds have to think when presented with the hypothesis. However, it is hard to separate the fact that we even need an explanation at all. We don’t. This is because nothing requires no explanation and actually is logically impossible to define by its nature. Nothing has to be made into something to understand and once it becomes something, it is not nothing anymore.

But I keep using my logical mind to conclude that this theory is pointless and will lead to nothing (pun maybe intended). This is because it is essentially saying “We will never know the answer, so let’s not try.” This type of thinking goes against everything that is scientific. Because of science, we understand things now that 500 years ago would appear as impossible. Some of our technology now would be completely indistinguishable from magic. So therefore, it is likely that this will continue to increase as the years pass and we will learn more refined ways to extract knowledge from our reality. We will have tools and technologies so far beyond our current status that to us, would be magical. It will happen, we will keep becoming more intelligent.

But here I am, back to theory 1. I just described the alien race that is billions of years more advanced than us. All it would require is time. Life would keep evolving based on first the environment of the earth, then the solar system, the galaxy and inevitability the entire universe would effect our evolution. We would keep evolving, somehow, in some way, shape, and form.

Every single thought that has ever been thought, for all we know, existed on this tiny little spec in the universe. We were formed from the explosion of a star, which may have ended far more intelligent and glamorous life as we know it, but eventually evolved to become you and I. This process will keep occurring, probably until it becomes nothing again.

But if it becomes nothing, like it was when it began, is it possible for something to come from it again? Of course, we would have to answer yes to this because our assumption is that there once was nothing, and it became something. There is no reason to think that nothing could only become something once. Or maybe nothing does only becomes something once and that is the only time it occurs. This would make sense for our current life explanation.

There was a time when you and I didn’t exist. I am exactly 8989 days old today. That means that on day 8990 I didn’t exist. Or maybe I did, just as another form. I was a fetus inside my mother’s womb. If you go back approximately 270 days before then, I really didn’t exist as any form of human. There was nothing growing inside my mother that had a part of me in it. And I wasn’t necessarily inside my father as a sperm because men are constantly creating semen (something like 100 million per day?). Could you point to my exact sperm? The one that entered my mother’s egg? How far back do I have to keep going before I officially did not exist? I’m sure I could reach some point where everyone would agree that I did not exist, at least in this form. Then, based on some act I had no influence over, I suddenly existed. The same is for you and everyone else, just at different points in time. We all didn’t exist, or at least existed as another form.

We call it reproduction in our reality. Reproduction keeps the sequence going. However, there will come a time when this form ends. We will all die, there is no escape. Even if you believe in some kind of afterlife you have to be in agreement with the fact that all human beings and life on this planet will eventually, come to an end. Our hearts will stop beating, our blood stop flowing and brains stop generating electricity. This form will end at some point for all of us. How do we know there will be something else? It may just lead back into the non-existence that we knew before we were born. It may become nothing. I can’t think of any good reason to suspect otherwise.

But it’s easy to logically deduce that nothing is inevitable, and this does nothing for the point of this post. I want to answer the questions of – Where did all of this come from? What is this? I am experiencing something. Although I can’t truly define what that something is, there is something here. I can also never be sure that what I am experiencing is real, but something is here. Sure this goes back to “cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am) by Descartes 400 years ago (and Plato and Aristotle thousands of years ago), so the concept is nothing new. But attempting to experience the experience opens up a new realm. Something peculiar enters my reality. I am observing myself, observe myself. I feel like I am in control of my hands, typing this right now, but am I? It seems insane and perhaps pointless to assume otherwise, but it can’t be ruled out.

I think about thinking I am, therefore I am? I think I am thinking that I am thinking, therefore I might be? I am thinking I may be, therefore I may be? I am observing something, therefore something exists? I think I am observing something, which I do not fully understand, and I may not actually be, but because I am observing, or at least think I am observing something, therefore there is something here and I am experiencing it. Okay, it’s official, I really have lost my mind. And I’ve gone completely off track.

Even if we one day have some unfathomable cosmic tool that we can tap into, we’re still trying to extract information and information is something. Can we ever know if the answer is unknowable?

Maybe the problem is the question. Maybe we shouldn’t ask How Come? or Why? But what can we ask? Asking anything about nothing essentially destroys the concept of nothing. Maybe we will learn and grow as the millenniums pass, and we may come very close to understanding everything. But one sliver will still remain. One question will still bother whatever life exists billions of years from now. What the fuck is this and where did it come from?

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