The God Theory

For millenniums our species has been on a constant search for God. There are many explanations and interpretations of what God is, but are any of these correct? How could we ever know? Do you subscribe to the God theory?

What is God?

God is but a word, a word that has many definitions. (Actually, I went to and typed in God, and it returned No results found for God. Does that mean there is no God?!) Many, if not all, of these definitions are warped, twisted and wrong. This is because God can never be defined, it can’t be comprehended. I guess that may mean it is meaningless in some sense, but only for our labels, our language, and our understanding. It’s the warped explanations and unrealistic interpretations of God that are meaningless. God itself simply just is, and isn’t.

In this sense, God doesn’t exist to us because we can’t explain what it is. Understanding the concept of God would be more challenging than explaining color to a blind man, where would you even begin? How could you ever describe green? How do we even know that the color green looks the same to me as it does to you? We may agree on the same label, but you can never see green the way that I see it.

The same goes for God. How could we ever really know that it exists? You may have faith that your particular interpretation of God is the one and only truth. You may believe so much that you have convinced yourself that you know, but you don’t know. No one knows. I don’t believe we can find God through religion or science. There will never be one true identity of God. God simply is whatever you want it to be.

How can we expect to ever have a uniform definition of God that every human agrees upon? It is impossible. On top of that, how can we ever expect to understand how God works or what it is? This is a mystery far beyond anything we are capable of solving, and certainly isn’t anything in our natural world that can be studied through science. The question “Is there a God?” can be asked and attempted to be reasoned through science, but it is never anything that can be proven or observed. How could God fit into our scientific method?

The best definitions of God are those that are abstract and broad, not direct and detailed. God is mystery, God is everything, God is nothing. It is quite possible that God is a concept invented through our intelligence and desire to know everything. Since we have become conscious, we have been wondering why. Why do things happen as they do? Why are we here? Our struggle to answer such questions is filled by a concept that we call God. But God is a strange concept indeed, as there are many translations.

In a way, God is a place holder for understanding. In primitive times, it was widely believed and accepted that God made the sun rise and set every night. We now know how this works, and there is no need for God. Same with disease and sickness, it was once believed that demons were responsible. Of course, now we know what bacteria and viruses are, and there is no need for God. Rain, earthquakes, stars, planets, volcanoes, even animals (you and I!), all things once supernatural now have a very natural explanation. The list could continue on for a long time.

We have killed over different interpretations of God, and many still continue to do so today. When people kill in the name of Allah or Yahweh, they do it with a delusion that their morality can not be questioned. After all, if God did design the universe and everything in it, and told you to do something, who are you to question God? But morality is for a completely different post…

Afraid of the Truth?

What if there was a discovery that proved God did not exist? Of course, this is a big if, but let’s just humor the idea for a moment. Would you be afraid? Would you feel alone? If so, then what is God to you? Does God give your life meaning? Is life without God inconsequential? Why is it that you need God to have a purpose? What is wrong with embracing doubt?

The unknown is scary. The struggle to understand the origin of life and what happens when we die has been haunting us for as long as we have record. Because of this, we have been theorizing different possibilities. The most popular theory, is of course the God theory. The God theory could be divided into thousands of different categories but the basic point behind them all is to explain the unknown. When you die, you will still exist. That is a big void which is filled for a lot of people, they no longer have to worry about themselves or their loved ones dying. They are happy with God. God created the universe and every living thing in it. Another big unknown or void filled.

Science explains our natural world far better than anything else and it

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