What is the Point of Doing Anything?

Why am I writing this blog entry right now? Why did I start this website? Why do I eat breakfast in the morning, dinner at night? Why do I enjoy learning about the universe? Why do I find the human mind interesting? Why do some people study ants? Why do some people devote their lives to saving the ocean? What is the point of doing anything?

Why should we care? Why should we do anything? Why socialize? Why even live? What is it that makes people do anything and why does it even matter?

There are invisible forces inside of us all that give us the desire to achieve and to prosper. Everyone wants to be good at something and everyone wants to succeed. There is a reason why we decide to do what we do, why we choose to believe what we believe and what gives us our motivation for action. But before I get into all of that, what is the point?

Of course the blatantly obvious surface explanations are, if we don

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