Vegas this Week and New Poker Room Opening in Town

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Well as the title says, I’m going to Vegas this week! I’m excited to hit up Sin City for the second time this summer. I will arrive Thursday afternoon and depart Monday morning and am hoping to get some decent playing time in while I’m there.

This is my fourth time going, but should be a lot of fun (since, well it’s Vegas) and because it’s the first time going with my fiance. Because I will be with her I won’t be grinding as much as usual, but she said she doesn’t mind sitting at the pool or something for a few hours each day while I play. I plan on playing just $1-$2 no-limit at a few different casinos (probably Wynn, Venetian, and Caesars mainly.)

I feel like I need this trip for a few reasons. One, a vacation is always great and it will be a relief to get off of the job grind for a few days. But also, I’ve been wanting to start taking poker seriously. Not just something I do for fun here and there and mess around with home games. I have the knowledge to beat this game for some dough so it would be stupid to just sit on it. I’m not going to go into details regarding why I haven’t been playing much in 2009 (that’s for another post) but the point is, I want to start.

When it comes to playing poker, I happen to enjoy live much, much more than online. Online poker is still fun, but it feels like such a grind to me. There are pros and cons to playing live poker, and the cons may outweigh the pros, especially related to sample size, hands per hour, etc, but I want to gear my motivation more towards what I enjoy. This Vegas trip will bring lol live poker right to me and get me back in the groove!

In addition to poker, while we’re there we also plan on seeing the Cirque du Soleil show KA at MGM. I’ve heard it was pretty surreal and it’s my first Cirque show; should be fun! We also can get tickets to some hypnotist show at the Tropicana for cheap, so we might hit that up as well. I may even volunteer to be one of the guy’s puppets, we will see how I feel at the time. We also might be hitting up the Grand Canyon, something neither of us have seen yet.

Our friend Chris will also randomly be in town as he’s in the Air Force and was just transferred there, so it will be nice to chill with him. Other than that, we will be doing a lot of relaxation and taking it easy. Looking forward to 105 degree weather, it’s been in the low 70s here all summer.

Speaking of bringing poker to me, I just found out today that a bowling alley 2 minutes away from my house just received their poker license and will be opening up a card room. This made my night and I’m starting to day dream about how this seems to fit in perfectly with my poker plan. I have no idea on the details or when it’s opening, but by the sounds of it, it should be soon. This goes without saying, but I’m excited!

If all works out well, as it should, I can start grinding live poker at least 10-15 hours per week… and walk to the poker room!

I probably won’t update while in Vegas, but plan on writing down and posting any spots I feel would lead to some nice discussion, along with an overall results post. My luckbox is polished and ready to go!

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